About us

‘To be the best that I can be in all that I do’

This is the stance that we encourage our students to take in all aspects of Life. It encompasses the principles of Bushido – Respect, Honesty, Loyalty, Compassion, Bravery, Honour and Rectitude. Bushido meaning ‘the way of the warrior’ which is believed to be a code of conduct adhered to by the Samurai Warrior as a way of Life.

Ju-Jitsu bow

All of our Instructors at Bushido share our passion for the Art of Ju-Jitsu and have benefited from all it offers. As a team of dedicated and enthusiastic people we are keen to pass on these benefits to people of all ages to help them realise their own potential and strengths, improve their confidence, self-esteem, discipline, concentration, fitness, self-defence skills and through strong values helping them to become the people they wish to be. This is delivered through quality instruction, organisation, knowledge and understanding. Our Instructors work with each student to ensure that they are progressing to the best of their ability as Ju-Jitsu offers the flexibility to suit each individuals needs. What makes us unique is our approach to teaching. We consider our ‘club spirit’ and ‘sense of community’ to be paramount as students wish to enjoy the experience of learning an ancient art, disciplined but not regimented. Therefore our classes have a slightly more relaxed feel allowing students to enjoy interacting with each other whilst achieving realistic goals through physical, mental and spiritual growth. Our students value our dedication and support our vision to be a respected and successful Martial Arts School renowned for its club spirit, quality and values.


Having trained in Ju-Jitsu when i was a teenager I was particularly keen to introduce my three children to Ju-Jitsu when they were old enough. I heard good things about Wilmslow Bushido Academy and initially took my kids along to join. I found Sensei Andy and Julie Smith who run the club to be very friendly and helpful and they made us feel very welcome. After watching my kids training I couldn’t resist taking part and also joined the club despite pushing 50 and being a lot wider around the middle than when I trained as a youth! The training is excellent and the club atmosphere is friendly and inclusive. The kids love their training sessions and have made friends and have fun as well as learning a very practical self defence and getting fit. I can highly recommend Wilmslow Bushido Academy for all the family, young and old! (A. Vaughan)

I came to Bushido Cheshire at first afraid of people feeling I didn’t have the confidence to interact with others and, above all, handle myself in a scrap. 5 years down the line and I can honestly say this club changed my life for the better. Efficient, friendly and comprehensive instructors helped me learn to defend myself in a variety of situations; all within a welcoming, fun, hard working and disciplined environment. The club teaches respect to others and the desire to pursue personal development. Encouragement from teachers and class mates alike ensured I now feel happy meeting new people and getting involved in new situations. There are plenty of extra opportunities in the class outside of training, depending on what you are looking for. This includes: national and inter-national (travel abroad) competitions for those that want to test themselves, down to energetic classes that would do wonders for fitness motivated potential members. The club helped me understand that I didn’t need purely strength and size to overcome an opponent, but rather the emphasis on technique using a variety of skills and moves to come out on top. Now at uni, I miss this club every day and I truly feel that the people there are like a second family. I still pop back whenever I can to compete and train, in which I am received with open arms. Club socials are always a laugh with many outings to pubs and black-tie dinners make for some funny times off the mat too. The dojo (training room) is large and airy with plenty of room for movement, and the price per class is really quite generous for the amount of attention you get to help you progress. Thanks Bushido, it’s down to you that I’ve made a great start in being healthy and happy and being able to look after myself. (H. Maule)

The background of Bushido Ju-Jitsu Academy Cheshire

Bushido Ju-Jitsu Cheshire identity

There has been a Ju-Jitsu club at Wilmslow for over 20 years, originally started by Professor James Pape, one of the most Senior and well respected Sensei’s throughout the UK. In 2006 it was a great honour to be asked by Sensei Pape to take over the Wilmslow Club. In 2009 Sensei Smith and his wife, Julie Smith, formed a Profession Partnership and are now dedicated to making Bushido Ju-Jitsu Academy Cheshire a success and taking it to the next level.